NY Times: Disinformation Central?

How I Lost Trust in the Western Mainstream Media and What to Do About It

NY Times: Disinformation Central?

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In this piece, I'll show that NY Times spreads mis- and disinformation—and it's provable.

In a way, everyone lies, especially during conflicts—so the point is not to find that one unbiased source of information, but rather to learn how to deal with everyone's lies. So, we'll cover some tips on how to do this.

I'll cover the NY Times "reporting" in 4 parts:

  • unprovable (and unproven) evidence-free allegations of "Russian disinformation" presented as fact;
  • the narrative change from 2014 to 2022, easily tractable if you compare NYT writing across time;
  • the alleged systemic rape by the Russian soldiers presented as fact even though it's based on pure and easily discoverable fabrication;
  • and finally, a few pieces critiquing NYT specifically, including on the Farnam Street's podcast The Knowledge Project where Balaji Srinivasan critiques NYT and media overall.

After these 4 parts of the problem and a brief discussion of why this is a big issue, I'll offer a solution.