(Public) "Human Mind Is Bad at Seeing Things It Doesn't Expect to See"

What is Business Games? Who is it for? What is our promise? In audio.

(Public) "Human Mind Is Bad at Seeing Things It Doesn't Expect to See"

Note: The Zeroth Season is now Season One and is a live case study in how Business Games is developing, so you'll hear some inconsistencies in the numbering that will be ironed out in the future.

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Why Business Games? Where AI Introduces the Full Concept | S00e01
Full Business Games concept introduction. What does it do and Who is it for? My promise to you. What I need in return. The genesis of Business Games. Homework. Disclaimer.

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Show Notes 📔

What is Business Games, and what’s in it for you?

Next week, I’ll introduce Season One—but in this episode, I introduce the full concept of this educational podcast + newsletter series where we apply game theory to business, to help you make better decisions under uncertainty.


  1. Welcome to! Business Games! [00:06]

  2. The Target Audience: Who Is It For? Who Is the Hero of This Journey? [01:10]

  3. The Genesis: A Prologue [04:17]

  4. What’s in a Name? Business Games, Decoded [09:22]

  5. What to Expect from the Structure of the Seasons? How I Analyse and Learn and Why This Is Relevant? [18:48]

  6. My Promise to You + What I Ask from You [28:25]

  7. The Upcoming Seasons [37:26]

  8. The Homework [40:55]

  9. The Disclaimer [44:38]