How do I Manage My Account?

  1. Once you subscribe, you get a login link sent to your email—no password required
  2. If you're a member but have not subscribed in a while, click on Subscribe button and scroll down until you see "Already a member? Sign in" note—click on it to get the email link
  3. When you click on the link sent to you via the email, the Subscribe button on the site will turn into Account button—you can manage your subscription preferences there

Can I Read It? Can I Listen to It?

  • It's both a podcast and a newsletter
  • You have full control over how you access it, depending on your reading / listening preference:
  1. If you prefer to read—we have everything in text;
  2. If you prefer to listen—we have 99% of the relevant content in a podcast form (apart from the Blog entries) 

How Do I Get This into My Podcast App of Choice? Is This on Spotify? Apple Podcasts? Stitcher?

#1 This is a single link that has all the major platforms in one place—try it, first (below) 👇👇👇

#2 Or, search for "Business Games" inside the app of your choice.

Easily listen to Business Games in your podcast app of choice
Quickly and easily listen and subscribe to Business Games for free in your podcast app of choice.

What's the Best Way to Contact Us?

Here are ways to get in touch and/or follow our work:

  • The best way to get in touch is by becoming a Premium Member through this here websitePremium Members get access to direct way of communication—but there are also other ways to reach & follow both me & Business Games:
  • BusinessGamesAI on Twitter
  • Business Games on LinkedIn
  • The RSS feeds + Spotify link at the top 👆 | FYI I personally prefer listening to podcasts via a dedicated app + we're embedding the episodes on this here website with show notes & transcripts (for Premium Members)—but there's also this RSS feed if you need it provided in its own FAQ at the top there 👆
  • Ivanov Consulting website
  • Ivanov Consulting on LinkedIn
  • AI on LinkedIn

What Can I Expect Week-to-Week?

The typical content drop schedule is fortnightly:

  • Week 1: full interview made available on the Premium Members-Only private podcast feeds
  • Week 2: abridged interview made available on the public feed wherever you get your podcasts
  • Week 2: Premium, deep dive episodes made available on the Premium Members-Only private podcast feeds
  • Weekly: an Executive Newsletter comes out, summarizing the past week & sharing some thoughts
  • Various: public Blog posts

Why Is This Podcast Paid?

It's a professional development, executive-education level course, delivered through a private podcast & newsletter.

Unlike your typical chat-show, we plan out the educational pathway and the content builds on itself.

Why Is It Not an Online Course, Then?

Making better decisions is a lifelong, ongoing investment.

We build the "course" part into the logical succession and build-up of topics.

And, we utilize the serialized, weekly podcast/newsletter cycle for delivery, because we feel this allows for better reflection and therefore better ongoing learning.

For now.

Why Should I Subscribe to the Premium Subscription When I'm Already Oversubscribed?

  • That's a fair question. It might not be for you. If I've done my job well and you've read the About section of this site, or listened to the pod Trailer, hopefully it becomes clear whether we are a match.
  • It's not for you if you: think you've mastered uncertainty, feel like uncertainty is not a problem in your business or career, want to get a "Harvard" label behind your learning content.
  • It is for you if you: want to be the first to learn something others don't know and advance your company's strategy and your career, understand that uncertainty rules the world & that mastering uncertainty takes time and effort, want to diversify your learning sources & methods and learn something that's almost never taught at business schools—decision making under uncertainty.