2022 & 11/12-ths

New pricing, new content, geopolitics, international relations, foreign policy, Ukraine, personal story, mis- and disinformation, how to filter the news.

2022 & 11/12-ths

Hello there, Fellow Learner—and Welcome to!

a Learner's Digest edition of Business Games, an educational series where we help you improve your strategic and critical thinking, make sense of the world and make better decisions under uncertainty.

This is episode "2022 and 11/12-ths".

I wish 2022 were better, but it's not.

Which, in a way, only underscores the importance of strategic thinking, good decision-making under uncertainty, interpreting weak signals, and everything else we've discussed to date on Business Games.

In a minute, there'll be an explanation for my hiatus.

But first, housekeeping:

New Pricing

To reflect the economic situation in the world, and our expanding audiences among international community and tertiary students—we've introduced new pricing. It's called Student Gold: Student and Recession-Proof Pricing.

It has all the same perks as our Gold pricing, but at a much lower price of $33 USD per year instead of $111 USD.

We run a high-trust model here, so we give you a choice to choose your own pricing.

If you can afford it, we kindly ask you to self-select into the full Premium price. You'll also get an extra benefit of feeling good about supporting independent analytics and education outlet.

If you've fallen on hard times but still can spare $3.50 per month or $33 per year, then feel free to self-select into the Student Gold pricing.

I trust you fully to figure out what's best for you—you'll get the same benefits from either.

And please, recommend us to your friends—feel free to forward this or other newsletters to them.

Next: Experimental Season Wrapped Up

I was planning to record a special episode to talk about the learnings for the podcast itself from the first full season, the Experimental One.

I'll do this separately and it will be of interest to anyone interested in entrepreneurship or solo-preneurship.

For now, suffice it to say that we've wrapped it up with 3 Premium episodes: a literature review, an introduction of a framework for managers to help assess their experimental culture and to see where to invest next to improve it, and finally the grand finale of summarizing everything and discussing several questions from our members.

You can find these on the website—and given the new pricing, you can all check those out! 😉

The Experimental Finale, Part 1: L.O.E.C.
(Transcript) Introducing L.O.E.C.: Learning Organization’s Experimentation Culture Framework.
The Experimental Finale, Part 2: Summary + Q&A
(Transcript) Summarizing the whole season + member Q&A.